Research Interests

My areas of research are connected by an overarching theoretical interest in linguistic variation within the Germanic language family and the dynamics of linguistic change over time.  Methodologically, these two areas of investigation are united by the use corpora for quantitative analysis of earlier stages of a language's history.  In general, my scholarship lies at the intersection of historical linguistics, corpus linguistics, and the digital humanities.  I use corpora from early stages of English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and German to answer questions about how, when, and why languages change over longer periods of time.



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Some Current Projects


  • A sociolinguistic analysis of support verb constructions in German, analyzing the frequency and distribution of phrases like Frage stellen vs. fragen in written and spoken German

  • A diachronic approach to light verb constructions  that utilizes network analysis tools to examine light verbs as"hubs" that become more central in a growing network of collocations over time.

  • A diachronic, exemplar-based model of light verb constructions in which certain high-frequency verb-noun pairings function as models for analogy in the creation of novel expressions of complex predicates

  • An analysis of genre differences in light verb usage in the Corpus of Historical American English (COHA)

  • A new approach to text selection in historical corpus linguistics that helps achieve balance of texts across genres, time periods, and word count, with texts selected by a genetic algorithm. 

    Sundquist and Rothwell.  2019.  Combinatorial Optimization and Genetic Algorithims in Text Selection for Corpus-Based Historical Linguistics Research.  Unpublished manuscript.


  • A closer analysis of Old Saxon Hêliand manuscripts that examines the intersection of syntax, meter, punctuation and scribal practices

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Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters